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The Mason Pro Rodeo 

Patriotic Cowgirls and Famous White Horses

Bailey Marie Swint

Bailey is our youngest and toughest Patriotic Cowgirl! This year Bailey and her pony "Tuggy" made their debut as a Patriotic Cowgirl at the 2016 Lakeland Pro Rodeo Classic.

Kara Coates and Liberty 

Kara Coates is our Veteran Patriotic Cowgirl. Kara can do it all, from driving a semi-truck full of cattle to carrying the American Flag, she is the definition of a versatile cowgirl. Kara does great interviews, she is great with the students during school visits, and she always has a smile on her face while doing it. Kara is a valuable member of our Patriotic Cowgirl and White Horse team! 

Alexa Swint and Spook

Alexa, "Bestie", is the proud momma of our youngest Patriotic Cowgirl, Bailey. Alexa has been riding with us for many years and is always there to lend a helping hand. Alexa's now husband, Jim, even proposed during the opening ceremonies at Westgate River Ranch in 2014. We are thankful to have a kind soul like hers a part of our rodeo family! 

Sarah Esker and Bullwagon

Sarah has taken a special liking to our big guy, "Bullwagon". He is one of the harder horses to ride but Sarah always rides whatever we give her with a smile. Sarah started out by trickriding for us and is now riding in the opening ceremonies. Sarah had the surpise of her life at Wauchula in 2015. Her now husband, John, proposed during the girls drive through the arena in the rodeo truck. We were happy to help plan this special event! 

Michaela Faulkner and Stick

Michaela is our young horse champ! She always happily rides the younger horses that may need a little more help during the opening ceremonies. She is a tough little cowgirl and although she be little, she is fierce! Michaela recently married Jeremy Faulkner and they are now expecting twins! Maybe we will get another bull rider and Patriotic Cowgirl from the twins!

Anni Heilmann and Amos

Anni has been riding with us since she was just a little girl. Now at 16 years old, she is quite the young lady. Unlike many children her age, she has goals and ambitions and stays busy with cheerleading and riding horses. She has recently been promoted to "leader" in our White Horse line at Westgate River Ranch Rodeo and she is doing exceptionally well! We love our Anni-bell.

Chelsea Stewart and Casper

The beautiful Chelsea Stewart is not only one of veteran Patriotic Cowgirls, she is also a trick rider! Chelsea can do death-defying tricks hanging on the side of a running kicking horse. She is very talented in the trick riding and we are thankful to have her as a Patriotic Cowgirl. She is always there for all of our publicity apperances and school visits. 

Ryla Bryant and Freedom

Ryla used to be the youngest Patriotic Cowgirl, but now at 10 years old she is growing into her chaps, literally! Ryla outgrew her first pair of chaps and she now is sporting the next size up! Ryla is quite the little barrel racer and she can change gears from Patriotic Cowgirl to Barrel Racer real quick! Ryla and her mom, Maeghan share the white horse "Freedom".

Maeghan Bryant and Freedom 

Maeghan, the mother of Ryla, helps out whenever we need her to! Maeghan and her husband, Raymond, haul Ryla to every rodeo we have and are always helping out with a side project. We appreciate their willingness to schedule school visits, pick up signs, put decals on barrels, carry specialty act props, and much much more! We are thankful to have the Bryants as part of our rodeo family!

Caity Wall and Cruiser

Caity Wall, from the Classy Cowgirls Rodeo Entertainment group, is normally a trick rider, but she trades out her trick saddle for a show saddle to help us whenever we need! She will ride our young horses or carry the American Flag, she is always a good sport about whatever 

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